In this blog entry, I am going to describe one of my artworks and the meaning behind it. Here goes.



ABOVE: David McDonough, Escape, mixed media, 43 x 63 x 4 inches

For my second blog entry, I am going to describe one of my pieces and the meaning behind it. I love to talk about my art so this shouldn’t be too hard. If anything, I may write too much. As I don’t want to bore you all, I’ll try to keep the verbiage to a minimum.

The piece I am going to describe is titled Escape. Here goes:

Escape was conceived after a walk through Toronto’s financial district and the buildings in the piece are based on photographs I’ve taken there.

Whether we want to be or not, all of us are affected in some way by corporations and the decisions made at their highest levels. For that reason, the windows of the buildings have been done in mirror paint. In today’s world, corporate influence is inescapable and as you look at this piece, you become aware of your place within it.

The clouds in the background represent our dreams for a better future. While I don’t profess to have all the answers, I do believe a better future is possible. We are more than spectators and we are as much a part of the future as we are the present.

Done! I’m Outta Here.

2 responses to “Escape

  1. Wow, mirror paint?! I had no idea there was such a thing. Thank you so much for the info David. Great start on your blog – your art is wonderful, masculine and very unique, and I look forward to following your works and posts from here on out. Congratulations on this great new step in your career!!! =D

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