While I try not to over-intellectualize everything I do, I do try to produce works with meaning. Here is one of my artworks explained.



ABOVE: David McDonough, Dusk, mixed media, 17 x 21 x 3 inches

BELOW: David McDonough, Dusk, digital photograph


Why was the artist afraid he might go to jail?

Because he’d been framed

OK, let’s get serious for a moment.

Five years ago, I lost my Mother to breast cancer (I told you this was serious).

In the days leading up to her passing, I stepped into my parent’s backyard and took the above picture. I knew immediately that I wanted to do something with it, but under the circumstances, it sat on my camera’s memory card and was forgotten.

About two years later, I came across it again and decided that the time was right to create something.

Dusk captures a point in my life which for obvious reasons, I was reluctant to move on from. While the foreground represents the calm before nightfall (or the end of life), the shifting clouds indicate that time moves on whether you are prepared for it or not.

Although its creation was a part of my healing process, like all of my work, the meaning behind it is not readily apparent. Dusk is a serious piece but it doesn’t need to be seen that way. I am perfectly fine with my viewers seeing something different – I’d almost prefer it if they did.

4 responses to “Dusk

  1. Your Mom will always be with you David. This piece of art has a very deep meaning for you and will make you think of your Mom whenever you look at it. Beautiful piece of work.

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