A Memorable Moment

This is one of the coolest things that took place when I exhibited at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition.



ABOVE: My Booth at the Toronto Outdoor Art Exhibition

This past July, I participated in my first outdoor art exhibition. It was a ton of work but it was also a ton of exposure.

I will probably write more about outdoor shows at a later date, but for this entry, I am going to write about one of the coolest things that took place that weekend.

I saw and talked to so many people that after a while, almost all of them blurred into one. There were a few that stood out but of them all, no one stood out as much as the little girl who came into my booth mid-way through the show.

She was about ten years old and she walked into my both with authority. She had in her hands the exhibition program and as she studied my work, she took notes. She stood in front of one of my smaller pieces for a few minutes then looked up at her Mom who promptly responded with: “That’s in your price range.”

I asked the little girl if she had any questions but she was all business and didn’t have any time for idle chit chat. While she continued to take notes, I spoke with her Mother instead.

As it turns out, her family had been attending the exhibition for several years and every year, she and her brother were given some money to purchase a work of art – how cool is that?

The exhibition was enormous and it would have been incredibly hard to keep a child engaged. These kids looked forward to the show every year.

According to their Mother, they had each built up their own art collections and as the years passed, their taste in art had evolved from the purely realistic, to the more abstract.

A few minutes later, they were off to look at more art. A few hours later, they came back.

I was told that I had made the short list and I was flattered. Once again they left and once again, I was left with the hope that I had made another sale.

Unfortunately, I didn’t make the grade. A short while later, the little girl walked past my booth with the work of another artist in her hand (she didn’t even look in my direction).

Even thought I was a little disappointed, I was delighted that my work had caught this little girl’s eye and that she had engaged with it to the extent that she did.

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