Art Defined

What’s Conceptualism? What are the roles of the artist, critic and curator? Here are some common art terms defined.



Fine Art

A visual art considered to have been created primarily for aesthetic purposes and judged for its beauty and meaningfulness, specifically, painting, sculpture, drawing, watercolor, graphics, and architecture.


1) A set of principles concerned with the nature and appreciation of beauty. 2) The branch of philosophy which deals with questions of beauty and artistic taste. Oxford Dictionary


Art in which the concept(s) or idea(s) involved in the work take precedence over traditional aesthetic and material concerns. Wikipedia


1) One skilled or versed in learned arts. 2) One who professes and practices an imaginative art. 3) A person skilled in one of the fine arts. 4) A skilled performer. 5) One who is adept at something. Merriam-Webster


1) One who forms and expresses judgements of the merits, faults, value, or truth of a matter. 2) One who specializes especially professionally in the evaluation and appreciation of literary or artistic works. 3) One who tends to make harsh or carping judgments; a faultfinder.


1) A person in charge of a department of a museum or other place where objects of art, science, or from the past are collected. 2) A person who organizes and arranges a showing of art or other objects of interest.

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