Defending Conceptualism

Let’s be honest, a lot of conceptual art is total bullsh*t. Yeah. I said it. More than any other genre, it is is academic, vague, and elitist. And now, the defense…sort of.



ABOVE: Martin Creed, Work No. 876, 2008, cardboard boxes, 42.4 x 23.9 x 18.5 inches

Let’s be honest, a lot of conceptual art is total bullshit. Yeah. I said it.

Don’t get me wrong, concepts are important – maybe even more so than aesthetics – but there’s something to be said for accessibility too.

More often than any other genre, conceptualism is academic, vague, and elitist.

And now, the defense…sort of:

Most of what passes for conceptualism today, isn’t conceptual at all.

In it’s original incarnation, it was actually quite brilliant…and necessary…and noble.

It fought against the commodification of art, it subverted the gallery system, and it called to question the role of the artist, authenticity, and ownership.

By contrast, today’s conceptualists are anything but. They often sell their “concepts” for millions, they’re beloved by the establishment, and the last thing they want to do, is rebel against the system.

The defense rests. Maybe conceptualism should too.

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