Art for the Seriously Twisted

I recently searched the internet for the most f’d up, twisted sh*t I could find. Believe you me, I got an eye full. The following artists make Joel-Peter Witkin look like Thomas Kinkade.



ABOVE: Guillermo Vargas, Exposición N° 1, 2007, performance at the Códice Gallery in Managua, Nicaragua  

I recently came across an article about Milo Moiré: the artist who lays eggs with her vagina. Yep. Her vagina.

Whether it be Lady Gaga’s vomit girl, or the Red Square nut sack guy; the art world never ceases to amaze, or enrage.

In that vein, I decided to scour the internet for the most fucked up, twisted shit I could find. Believe you me, I got an eye full.

The following artists make Joel-Peter Witkin look like Thomas Kinkade:

Rick Gibson – A Cannibal in England

In July 1988, Gibson ate a canapé of donated tonsils. A year later, he publicly ate a slice of human testicle.

Said Gibson: “I became the first cannibal in British history to legally eat human meat in public.”

Mom must be so proud.

Guillermo Vargas – Exposición N° 1

In August 2007, Vargas tied a street dog up in a Nicaraguan gallery, then allowed the animal to starve to death while gallery goers watched. *

He was often asked to free the dog, but he refused, and he instructed viewers not to feed it.

One word: evil.

John Duncan – Blind Date

In May 1980, Duncan purchased a female corpse in Tijuana for the purpose of sex, then taped himself doing the nasty with it. **

He later got a vasectomy “so that the last potent seed I had,” he recounted, “was spent in a cadaver.”

John Duncan: In a league of freaks and ghouls, you truly are a man apart.

* According to the gallery owner, the dog was actually fed and managed to escape. Here’s hoping.

** Audiotape. Not videotape. Hmmm.

9 responses to “Art for the Seriously Twisted

  1. Geez David, you are really scraping the bottom of the barrel. Hopefully these artists aren’t your ” inspiration”.

  2. I think anytime ART (or anything else) crosses the line to inflict suffering of any living thing – it can no longer be called art but downright cruelty.

  3. Letting a dog starve is not art, it’s just sick. The animal isn’t a consenting human adult, it’s a victim. I would not have stood there and watched, I’d have had to intervene on behalf of the dog and suspect many animal lovers would. Whatever points he thinks he made were negated by such a cruel act. I hate it when people use “art” as an excuse for things like this.

    I thought some of the other weird things, like the vagina egg laying, were gross and stupid but I tolerate them. For one thing I have a pretty good sense of humor that’s not easily offended. Such non harmful extremes do tend to keep art unrestricted, if nothing else. If the weirder things were eliminated, eventually anything but pretty pictures would be deemed unacceptable and how boring would that be?! The egg thing would be another one I wouldn’t stand by and watch, but for a different reason, LOL! In that case I’d just keep walking.

    • Another great comment Cindy. I couldn’t agree more. Thanks for posting.

      I chose to write about the dog because there may be more to the story than what has been written about it on the internet.

      In another work (titled: Axioma), the same artist presented a series of photos in which a dog appears to be starving to death.

      It turns out, the photos were presented in reverse chronological order, and that the dog was actually rescued from the streets and nursed backed to health.

      What I find interesting about most “shocking” artwork is not the art itself, but rather the reactions of the public. They are the artwork.

      • That would be a much better way to do it, to photograph a rescued and starving dog recovering and returning to normal! It’s probably not the first nor last “art” project that involves suffering of a non consenting animal.

        A few years ago, an artist in Kansas was doing an installation in which chicks would be raised and then slaughtered in front of viewers. I get the message about where our food comes from being important, just felt her delivery of that message played into the cruel and sensationalist. Her method drowned out the message (if that was even her message, as it might have been more about sensationalism and attention). The undercover video taken at slaughterhouses accomplishes the message, without adding to the suffering.

        Thanks for thought provoking posts.

  4. Anything that allows for the suffering and death of another for the sake of “art” is not art. It is sadism and evil at its worst. And for the people that stand around and watch and do nothing…I have no words. It makes me sick to my soul that there are people who are so twisted in this world. There was a Japanese artist that would put tiny kittens heads in bottles and then feed them through the other end until they grew up with their heads “grown” into the bottle. These poor animals were suffering and their spines became deformed. Eventually the Japanese government told him he had to stop and created a law that would prevent such “performance” art. The even sadder part is there were people that bought these pieces of art.

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