Blogs for Artists

Whatever your interest, the internet’s got it. From tips and tricks, to news and reviews, if art is your thing, you’ll dig the following blogs.


I love art blogs. Here are some of my favorites:


Billing itself as a forum for playful, serious, and radical perspectives on art and culture in the world today, Hyperallergic pulls no punches – case in point, this review of Jeff Koons at the Whitney.

Art F City

In addition to blunt criticism, Art F City keeps it casual with a section called STUFF. Basically, STUFF is a look inside the lives of artists through their personal possessions. A unique peak inside the creative mind.


With tons of articles on how to launch and grow a successful art or craft business, Aryshark is a valuable resource for artists at any stage of their career. Art + Business is especially useful.


Like Artyshark, Artpromotivate provides lots of free tips on a variety of topics such as art promotion, websites and blogging. You can even get an artist spotlight free of charge.

Edward Winkleman

Gallery owner, curator and author, Ed Winkleman’s blog is a mix of art news, reviews and tips. His Advice for Artists Seeking Gallery Representation is a must read for anyone looking to get signed.


Light on the text and heavy on the eye candy, Colossal goes without the heavy discourse of most art blogs and focuses almost entirely on the inventive. Here are some of the sites top articles.


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