Michelangelo: Quest for Genius

While most of his works never travel, some of Michelangelo’s sketches have squeaked through customs, and into Toronto. For serious viewers only.


ABOVE: Michelangelo, Studies for the Head of Leda, around 1530, red chalk on paper, 14 x 10.6 inches, Casa Buonarroti, Florence

This past weekend, I visited the Art Gallery of Ontario (AGO) to see Michelangelo: Quest for Genius.

Before I go any further, I feel I should manage expectations: There are no big-time pieces, or even finished drawings here – only preparatory sketches.

If you’re an art lover, and somewhat familiar with the works of Michelangelo, this isn’t a big deal. If you’re a casual observer, you may leave feeling underwhelmed, and if you bring a child, they may leave feeling bored.

As an art lover, I really enjoyed this subtle (and small) show. It isn’t flashy, but it is well thought out and informative.

Put simply, this is a thinking persons exhibition that offers an inside glimpse into the mind of one of histories greatest artists.

If this little review hasn’t turned you off, I highly recommend you go.

Michelangelo: Quest for Genius is at the AGO until January 11, 2015.

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