100th Annual OCAD University Graduation Exhibition

If you’re looking to spot the next big thing, the Annual Graduation Exhibition at OCAD University is a good place to start. The 2015 edition just wrapped; here are my thoughts.


ABOVE: Karly McCloskey, Embody, video installation

Last week, OCAD University (formerly the Ontario College of Art and Design) held its 100th Annual Graduation Exhibition. I’ve gone every year since moving to Toronto, so on Sunday, I decided to go again. Here’s what I thought:

  • I didn’t like some of the medal winners. I won’t say who – they’re students, and this is a nice blog, not a mean one.

Okay, now that that’s out of the way, here’s what else I thought:

  • I liked a lot of what I saw, but oddly enough, the pieces I liked the most weren’t in the big rooms; instead, they were tucked away in the less traveled parts of the building (seems my tastes differ from those of the organizers – this is nothing new).

As I walked around campus, I took note of my favorite artists, and once home, I looked for them online. Surprisingly, only a few had websites:

Jessica Baldanza

Karly McCloskey

Tarin Mead

Final thoughts:

Overall, I was impressed with the talent coming out of OCAD University this year.



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