Andy Warhol: Revisited

This summer and fall, Canada’s largest exhibition of Warhol prints and paintings can be seen in an empty storefront in Toronto’s midtown. I recently took a look.


Last week, I was walking down Bloor Street, when I came across the exhibition Andy Warhol: Revisited. I had planned on going a week or two later, but once there, I couldn’t resist.

Located in a disused store front (formerly occupied by Guess Clothing), the show is the brainchild of Ron Rivlin, a Canadian raised, LA-based talent manager. Clearly, this guy is obsessed with Warhol.

While the majority of the works on display appear to be prints from larger editions, there are 120 of them, and, even better, many of the artists most iconic images are included.

Warhol is known for many things (consumerism, celebrity worship), but what truly sets him apart is his use of color. No book or poster comes close to replicating the pieces in this exhibition, many of which include metallics and diamond dust.

While the $10 admission may be a bit much for some people, this show is a must see for any Warhol fan.

Andy Warhol: Revisited runs at 77 Bloor Street West from July 1 to December 31, 2015.

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