My Artistic Process

As I’m currently getting ready for an upcoming show (more details to come), I thought I’d give a behind the scenes look at the creation of one of my pieces.


After many alterations, I eventually arrived at a finalized design. This is the first step in all of my projects.

With the design finalized, I was ready to start building the piece. I worked on the back panel first as it was the easiest part of the project. It consisted of a 16 x 20 inch gesso board painted with an iridescent pearl wash.

Next, I set to work on the middle panel. First, I taped off the edges of a 16 x 20 inch sheet of plexi-glass with painters tape, then I applied a thick layer of pearl mica paste with a palette knife.

Once I had finished applying the pearl mica paste, I removed the painters tape and put the panel aside to dry.

Three coats were needed to complete the middle panel.

Once I had received the mirror paint in the mail, I taped a mirror imaged version of the design to a 16 x 20 inch sheet of tempered glass and began applying the paint.

It took four coats of paint to complete the mirror effect. Once the paint had cured, I cleaned up all edges with an x-acto knife. Then, in order to make the tree stand out, I put a thin black outline around all the edges with a marker.

Here is the completed piece: David McDonough, On the Outskirts of Tokyo, Mixed Media, 17 x 21 x 2.5 inches

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