U.S. Politicians on Art

As a Canadian, I’m fascinated (and a bit scared) by the U.S. Presidential Race. And as an artist, I’m really interested in what the candidates have to say about the arts.



Bernie Sanders

“I have continued my longstanding commitment to the arts and arts education during my time in Congress, in spite of terrible attacks on the arts from conservative ideologues. I will continue to advocate strongly for robust funding of the arts in our cities, schools, and public spaces. Art is speech. Art is what life is about.”

Hilary Clinton

“In my line of work, we often talk about the art of diplomacy as we try to make people’s lives a little better around the world. But, in fact, art is also a tool of diplomacy. It reaches beyond governments, past the conference rooms and presidential palaces, to help us connect with more people in more places. It is a universal language in our search for common ground, an expression of our shared humanity.”

Jeb Bush:

“Art makes students better…I have seen the data and students do better in math, for example, when they are participating in an organized sport or in the arts. Art is very similar to… organized sports. It teaches skills that are necessary to learn.”

Chris Christie:

“We are educating our children today for industries and businesses that have yet to be invented. In this new environment, creativity and innovation will be as important as the ability to read, write and multiply. Arts education is one of the key ways to unleash the creative capacities in our young people.”

Ted Cruz:

“We need to get the federal government out of areas it doesn’t have the constitutional authority to do… We need to eliminate the National Endowment for the Arts.”

Donald Trump:

“I flirted briefly with the idea of attending film school, but in the end, I decided real estate was a much better business.”

Marco Rubio:

“We do need more degrees that lead to jobs”

John Kasich:

“The arts and humanities play a unique role in the lives of our families, communities and country by enhancing and enriching the human experience.”

One response to “U.S. Politicians on Art

  1. I agree the US presidential election is scary! I’ve seen each election produce more buffoons, and more extreme ones. Every candidate except Sanders is just a puppet for corporate special interests, but it’s important to note that Trump IS a corporate special interest, so his claims that he doesn’t take their money are quite disingenuous. We’re still waiting for Clinton to reveal what she said privately in a paid speech to some of the Wall Street criminals who helped take out the economy and got off scott free. I suspect the reason she isn’t making it public is along the same lines as last time when Mit Romney was secretly taped in such a speech, dissing half the country as leeches. That anyone like Trump, an offensive showman whose schtick is not that different that worthless shock art, is even still in it, is frightening and a condemnation of the American people’s intelligence. But, I assure you, there are quite a few Americans who find this clown show just as scary as everyone else does. This is a country that managed to elect Obama, twice, so there is hope that we will not end up with someone like Trump, but this time feels different, more scary. And they’ve had four more years to erode our level of education since last time, making that many more Americans gullible and open to hogwash. Maybe we should consider fleeing to Canada as political refugees, LOL!

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