A Visit to the Royal Botanical Gardens

Last weekend, I got in the car, and left the city to see the Royal Botanical Gardens in Burlington, Ontario. The place is huge (Canada’s largest) and well worth checking out.


ABOVE: Dave Hinds, Pollinizers, sculpture

BELOW: Steven Siegal, Land, sculpture

If you’re in the Toronto area and have a car, or know someone who does, you should jump in it and head down to the Royal Botanical Gardens (RBG) in Burlington, Ontario. I went for the first time last weekend, and I was impressed.

The first thing to note is that this place is not only huge, but spread out over several locations. Fortunately, there is a shuttle bus that runs frequently, and even better, it’s included with your admission ($16). Each garden is unique, and depending upon the season, offers something new.

If art is your thing (it is mine) you can see some at the International Sculpture Garden in Hendrie Park. It’s a small collection, and the artists within it are relatively unknown, but the work is fairly good, and new sculptures appear to be added regularly.

If you’re looking for a day out away from the city, and you love to walk among nature, then this place is for you.


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