My Planning Process in 5 Steps

While the making of my work consists of many steps and varies greatly from project to project, I do have a fairly simply planning process. Here it is in 5 easy steps.


Step One

Take lots of pictures

Tools: SLR and iphone

Step Two

Review images, upload favorites to computer and print

Tools: Computer and printer

Step Three

Use black and metallic markers to highlight any spots on the printed image that will not show well through tracing paper. Trace out favorite elements.

Tools: Black and metallic markers, tracing paper, pencil, eraser and ruler (if need be)

Step Four

Rework, add and subtract lines from traced image while thinking about how they will fit/interact with other images in the overall design.

Tools: Pencil and eraser

Step Five

Photocopy images in a wide range of sizes (make three copies of each) then print them all as a mirror image. Cut images out and mix and match them with one another while altering line work as necessary. Arrive upon completed design.

Tools: Photocopier, scissors, pencil, eraser, glue stick and ruler

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