Tips for Taking Your Work to Art Shows

Over the years, I have taken my art to many venues, and in that time, I’ve learned to do so as efficiently as possible. Here is my current system.


Before you make the work:

While you should make art in many sizes, the smaller the piece, the easier the transport. My work usually falls between 8×8” and 16×20” which lets me fit an entire solo show in a small car and lets my buyer take any one of my pieces home by subway or Uber (two common modes of transportation in the city). For shows in which I only have one or two artworks, I often take public transit.

After making the work:

Artist don’t mess around when it comes to striking (taking down), so the quicker you can pack and unpack the better. I wrap my larger pieces in bubble wrap (tape it and you can use it once or twice. Don’t tape it and you can use it forever) and place them in a 20×23” Ziplock bag with a handle. I can’t say enough about these bags, they can carry a lot of weight and they allow you (or the buyer) to pick up and leave super quick.

When transporting one or two small works, I employ a similar system, but for a larger show, I place several in a cardboard box with bubblewrapped cardboard dividers. This allows me to transport multiple pieces at once, and to take them in and out of the box without any additional wrapping. If I sell one, I can sandwich it between two dividers and tape it.

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