Algonquin Park

Next week, I’ll be heading to the former stomping ground of Tom Thomson and the Group of Seven, Algonquin Provincial Park. This is my second visit. I can’t wait.


Last year, I visited Algonquin Provincial Park for the first time and was blown away by its beauty. For those unfamiliar with the park, here is a little info on it:

Established in 1893, Algonquin Provincial Park is the oldest provincial park in Canada, and, at almost 3,000 sq miles, it is roughly one and a half times the size of Canada’s smallest province. It has over 2,400 lakes, countless streams, and about 1,000 species of plants. Unfortunately, it also has about 7,000 species of insects, some of which are a huge pain in the ass.

Owing to its beauty, the park has long attracted artists, among them national treasures such as Tom Thomson (who drowned in the park) and Lawren Harris (one of my personal favorites). Creatives have, and always will be drawn to the place. It even has its own art gallery.

For adventurous types, there’s almost no limit to how deep you can travel into the wilderness. For the rest of us, there’s highway 60. It runs through the southern part of the park, and all along it, are a series of trails. They are very well marked, and provide amazing views and photographic opportunities.

I can’t wait to visit again.

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