About My Work

As an artist, it is sometimes good to think about your work, and why you do the things you do. Below, is a little bit about my subject matter, materials, composition and themes.



Buildings: I am a fan of interesting buildings, but for my art, I prefer generic elements that could be placed in any urban environment. There are no discernible landmarks in my artwork.

Clouds: I like the universality of clouds and their ability to transcend all landscapes. I often use them as backgrounds in my pieces, and as a means of bringing unity to a series of work.

Trees: I see trees as living sculpture, and I am constantly taking photographs of those I find interesting. Beyond their importance to the well-being of the planet, they have a distinct visual place in both urban and rural environments. Being a northerner, I’m especially interested in those with a definitive – and visible – life cycle.

People: I generally don’t include them in my work. If they’re there, they are tiny and nondescript. This is intentional (see below).


Mirrors: Without question, my favorite material is mirror paint. Beyond its aesthetic aspects – which I love – I use it as a means of bringing the viewer into the piece, and making them a part of the landscape (see above).

Mica: I like shiny things, and, as people often associate shiny things with worth, I use mica flakes to convey the value of the natural subject matter in my art.


Measurement: Maybe it’s my OCD, but when it comes to measurement, I am incredibly anal. Every element in a given piece has a specific measurement, and those measurements are repeated across a series.

Repetition: As above, I’m big on symmetry, so an element or two from one of my artworks will be repeated in some form throughout a series (of the same measurement of course). This is another way of conveying unity.


Juxtaposition: Having grown up in the suburbs and lived the majority of my adult life in the city, I am fascinated by the duality of the urban and the rural. Whether it be visual, cultural or political, the two are often diametrically opposed.

Connectivity: While polarity is a central them in my work, I combine visual elements and materials so as to bring multiple works – and view points – together as one. This is by no means an attempt to lead the viewer. They will take from the work as they choose.

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