Toronto From All Sides

If you live in Toronto – or even if you visit – the CN Tower is visible from pretty much everywhere. Here are a few shots of it from the north, south, east and west.


ABOVE: View from the West

ABOVE: View from the East

ABOVE: View from the North

ABOVE: View from the South

Saturday at the ROM

I recently visited the Royal Ontario Museum to check out two of its newish exhibitions, as well as it’s permanent collections. Here is a quick overview of what I saw.


If you can justify the high admissions charge, I suggest you go to the Royal Ontario Museum to see the following:

Spiders – Fear & Fascination (on until January 6, 2019)

This is a fairly well put together, kid friendly exhibition that tries putting spiders in a favorable light. I enjoyed it, and see the value of spiders to the ecosystem – still don’t want to hang out with them though.

Iris van Herpen – Transforming Fashion (on until October 8, 2018)

While the spiders exhibition may appeal more to kids, this one may appeal more to adults. Although not a fashionista, the designs – and the thought processes behind them – really impressed me as an artist. Iris van Herpen’s clothes are intricate, scientific and sometimes over the top. They’re also pretty cool.