My Favorite Toronto Buildings

Toronto may not be the world’s prettiest city, but it’s not without it’s charm. That said, here are a few of my favorite buildings – any list without the CN Tower doesn’t count.


ABOVE: Michael Lee-Chin Crystal (addition to the Royal Ontario Museum). Designed by Daniel Libeskind. Completed in 2007.

ABOVE: Toronto-Dominion Centre. Designed by Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. Completed in 1969.

ABOVE: CN Tower. Designed by WZMH Architects: John Andrews, Webb Zerafa, Menkes Houdsen. Completed 1976.

ABOVE: Royal Bank Plaza. Designed by WZMH Architects. Completed 1979.

My Favorite Toronto Buildings

Toronto isn’t an architectural oasis, but it does have its gems. The buildings of the Toronto-Dominion Centre by Mies van der Rohe are some of the cities best.



ABOVE: David McDonough, Two, digital photography

BELOW: David McDonough, Two Part 2, digital photography


I am a big Mies van der Rohe fan and I love the buildings of the Toronto-Dominion Centre.

They are simple yet elegant and they stand in stark relief to the other buildings in Toronto’s financial district.

I am drawn to these buildings and for that reason, I am going to incorporate them into a future artwork.

While I am not sure what the final design will look like, the above pictures are going to serve as my starting point.

I will post more on this in the future.