Critiquing the Critics

All artists love art (duh), and every artist needs to stay informed. Here is a quick list of critics we should all follow.


ABOVE: Jerry Saltz, Photo: The Knight Foundation

I love art, and I love to read about it. That said, I am not a fan of Artspeak, and I’ve little interest in PHD hyperbole.

If you’re into well-formulated opinions – written in plain English – you’ll love the following critics:

Jerry Saltz – New York Magazine

My favorite art critic. Saltz is all about accessibility. He often responds to comments on his articles, is a Facebook pro-star, and even did a Reddit AMA.

Roberta Smith – New York Times

Married to Jerry Saltz, Smith is by far the more formal of the two. Even so, her reviews are clear and insightful.

Adrian Searle – UK Guardian

Searle loves the camera (in a good way), and his video reviews are often excellent. His writing isn’t bad either.

Jonathan Jones – UK Guardian

His articles are short. So are the tempers in the comments section.

Tyler Green – Modern Art Notes

I have a soft spot for Tyler Green. He reviewed a group show I was in (glowingly).

Paddy Johnson – Art F City

Although New York based, Johnson has covered many of the art world’s biggest fairs. She even reviewed Art Toronto (albeit, not glowingly).

Hrag Vartanian – Hyperallergic

If you’re at all into contemporary art, Hyperallergic is a must read.