Artist’s Statement

Ah the artists statement. As dreadful as the prospect of writing one is, it’s a necessary evil. Here is mine.


me (large)cropped

Whether we want to or not, all artist’s must write a statement. Here is mine:

My artwork is often political in nature and deals with issues ranging from the environment to the economy. While I believe it is important to produce work with meaning, I also believe in ambiguity and I trust my viewers to draw their own conclusions.

As a mixed media artist, I produce three-dimensional artworks in a strong graphical style. In creating my pieces, I ensure that each layer compliments the other and that contrast is built through the use of light and shadow. My works are often monochromatic and contain an ample amount of negative space.

While critical thinking and the ability to apply concepts are integral components of my artistic practice, I also place a tremendous emphasis on craft as I love to work with my hands.

I have studied art history extensively –  albeit, outside an academic setting –  and I am constantly looking to expand my knowledge of it. To keep abreast of current trends in the art world, I follow several key critics and arts journalists regularly. My artistic practice has evolved as a direct result of this.

First and foremost, I am influenced by everything I see and experience but my biggest influence is probably Joseph Cornell. Other major influences include the Group of Seven, Japanese watercolours and Pop & Op art.

My Very First Blog Entry

After struggling for days to figure out how to set up a blog and link it through my website, all that was left was to write my first entry. I naively thought that I’d done all the heavy lifting and that the writing part would be easy. I was wrong.

I kept putting it off until the next day and when the next day came; I’d put it off once again.

Finally, I forced myself to write down all the things I could potentially blog about. Here is the list:

  • How to deal with creative blocks
  • Inspirations
  • Describe one of your pieces and the meaning behind it
  • Outline the major themes in your work
  • Discuss your technique
  • Review other art shows
  • Write about artists you like and why
  • Things you’ve learned
  • Mistakes you’ve made
  • Your experience in a specific show
  • The never-ending “is it art” debate
  • Art world news

Hmm…what to choose?

My first/second blog entry will be: “Describe one of your pieces and the meaning behind it.”

Now all I need to do is write it.