Smartphone Photo Apps

If, like most people, you take a majority of your photo’s on your smartphone, you’ll need a few decent apps to help with editing. Here are my thoughts on a few I’ve used.


ABOVE: Photo edited using Fused


Cost: Free

By far the best of the bunch. Really, this might be all you need. Remove objects, adjust levels, apply filters. This app has it all. Did I mention it’s free.


Cost: Free with extra $ for premium filters

Nowhere near as good as it used to be. Most of the best filters have been removed (including a ‘space’ filter that was just plain awesome). When I first got this app it was great. Now, not so much.

PS Express

Cost: Free

Pretty good. Lots of filters along with some more serious tools (noise reduction, object removal). Bounce between this and Snapseed, and you should be able to produce some slick images.


Cost: Free

Allows you to produce double exposed images. Fun to play around in. Can produce some neat images. Not a proper app on its own, but a good compliment to Snapseed or PS Express.