The Best of Dundas Street West

If you’re looking to gallery hop in Toronto, one of the best ‘hoods in town is Dundas Street West. Here are some of the area’s finest galleries.



ABOVE: Photo of the Hashtag Gallery courtesy of Wllnttz

While it obviously can’t compete with a city like New York, Toronto galleries are by and large, friendly and accessible.

If you’re looking to gallery hop, one of the best ‘hoods in town is Dundas Street West. The following galleries show top-notch art, often at affordable prices:

Cooper Cole

A great space to view art, Cooper Cole shows cutting edge work by national and international artists. Mostly mid-career. Mostly awesome.

Hashtag Gallery

Probably the least intimidating space in the city, the Hashtag Gallery showcases emerging talent at emerging prices. Perfect for first-time buyers.

Erin Stump Projects

One of the most experimental galleries in the area, ESP earns bonus points for championing female artists. Respect.

LE Gallery

Arguably the best of the bunch, LE Gallery showcases the work of artists skilled in both craft, and discourse. You will be impressed.

Loop Gallery

One of the cities top artist collectives, Loop Gallery promotes the careers of those with a strong artistic practice. With 39 artist members, there’s something for everyone.