Grading the 2014 OCAD University Graduation Exhibition

OCAD University is one of Canada’s top art schools (and rightfully so). Here is a quick review of the 2014 Graduation Exhibition.


ABOVE: The Sharp Centre for Design @ OCAD University, Photo: John Vetterli

This past weekend, I went to the graduation exhibition at OCAD University (formerly, the Ontario College of Art and Design).

I look forward to this show every year, and I am always impressed. The 2014 edition was no exception.

Not everything is great – they’re students after all – but the potential is boundless, the optimism palpable, and the talent apparent.

Will the class of ’14 be one for the ages? Is there another Carmichael, Bush or Boyle in the mix? It’s probably too soon to tell. One thing’s for sure, OCAD U will produce one sooner or later.

Here’s hoping these grads are still creating five, ten and twenty years from now. Good luck to them all.

Grade: A+


Hudson Christie

Camille Jodoin-Eng

Rebecca Ladds

Sarah Letovsky

Katlyn Nemo