Gallery Gazing in Toronto

My review of the 14th Annual Toronto International Art Fair (Art Toronto). Far from perfect, but not a total wash.



ABOVE: RBC Painting Competition Finalist: Sean Weisgerber, Untitled, 2013

Last weekend, galleries from far and wide came to exhibit at the 14th Annual Toronto International Art Fair (Art Toronto). As I am currently without representation, I decided to run a reconnaissance mission to gauge the talent on display.

Although the fair lacked the star power synonymous with shows south of the border, there were several brand name artists up for grabs including Andy Warhol, Jean Paul Riopelle & Damien Hirst.

While I can appreciate a Hirst print as much as the next guy, I found the more expensive art to be amongst the least interesting. As pretty as many of the pieces were, they just weren’t fresh.

That said, there was some tremendous art on display throughout the fair. Below are some of my highlights:

NEXT: By far my favorite part of the whole fair, the NEXT section showcased emerging galleries and artists from across Canada and around the world. The works on display were edgier and more experimental than those in the rest of the fair.

RBC Painting Competition Finalists: While the winners were given a wall all to their own, the finalists could be found in various booths throughout the fair. Two of my favorites were: Sean Weisgerber (Wil Aballe Art Projects) and Tristam Lansdowne (LE Gallery).

Oh Canada: While the heavy hitters of the art world chose not to come, there was plenty of home grown talent on display. Showcasing the work of Mitch Mitchell, Edmonton’s dc3 Art Projects was as good a booth as any.

Wil Aballe Art Projects, Vancouver, BC: One of the smallest booths at the fair, owner Wil Aballe brought an eclectic mix of non-traditional pieces to Art Toronto. It worked.

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